Foundation for Garden Sheds

Foundation for Garden ShedsLaying foundation for garden sheds is the first step when constructing a garden shed because it is the piece upon which the entire structure will be set upon. Therefore the kind of foundation you put will go a long way towards determining the kind of garden shed you will have and how durable it will be. A good garden should be able to withstand the four seasons in a year; summer, spring, winter and autumn. They all affect the environment in one way or another. A good foundation will ensure that your garden shed withstands all the environmental changes irrespective of how drastic they may be. A garden shed is meant to beautify your home therefore care should be taken when building it and it starts right from its foundation.

There are different types of foundation for garden sheds that you can choose from depending on your taste and how much money you have budgeted for this project.

Types of foundations

They include the following

A concrete foundation that constructed by first digging the foundation to approximately 6 inches and have it filled with gravel to enhance on the drainage of the place. A perimeter is then established and constructed around the selected area then filled with concrete to create a slab. This kind of a foundation is strong enough to support a vast amount of weight.

A block wall foundation; this one is constructed using cement blocks. First a ditch is dug around the selected area. The depth of this ditch depends on how much heaviness the foundation is expected to support. A mixture of concrete is then poured into the ditch and blocks are then set upon it creating a wall upon which the floor will be set. This creates some sort of pavement.

Wooden foundations; wood is used to create a foundation where by it is dug into the soil and a platform is made. It is paramount that the wood used is of good quality to ensure durability of the structure and also treated to protect it from moisture that may lead to rotting of the foundation which will ultimately lead to the collapse of the structure and also to protect it against wood pests. These types of foundations are however very uncommon. It has an advantage in that it can be constructed on top of strong stones placed at each corner and other strategic points or on skids purposely to make it portable and to keep this wood away from getting into contact with moisture.

It is however important to first consult a building inspector before embarking on any serious construction to get useful advice on whether the type of soil can support the kind of garden shed you have in mind. If you are not well versed with construction it is also advisable to hire a contractor. This is because of certain important technicalities you may overlook and may be important. For instance a foundation may appear level and straight to you but it may not be and has to be verified using a spirit level.