The Best Time to Transplant Evergreens Trees

It is quite essential to be aware about the season of the tree transplantation as it is a delicate job. Transplanting is a rigorous task for the as most of the shurbs tend to lose the water and moisture together. So, it is a good idea to go for the tree transplantation when it does have leaves. In other words, a good time to transplant evergreens trees is to transfer the tree when it is in the dormant state. Another important factor to determine is the age of the tree. Tree sapling of the minimum height of 6 inches would be a good choice and you need to take care in the sense that the size of the tree is directly proportional to the size of the root system. So, when the tree is more mature, it becomes harder to move such plants

Time of transplant evergreens trees:

Late winter: moving tree in the late winter is a good choice as the tree remains in the dormant state but somewhere down the line you have the benefits of finding the unfrozen land. Evergreen shrubs can be easily transplanted in this weather.

Early spring: moving and transplanting shrub in the spring time is the ideal choice for many species of plants and it works best for the evergreen shrub. The plants during this season can handle the shock with much less if they are handled carefully. As the tree is half dormant so once they are being transplanted to get the proper natural support in terms of the temperature and weather.

Early fall: some tree fairly when you transplant them in the season of the early falls. This is best suited season for the evergreen shrubs. For evergreen trees, the fall gives it enough time to thrive. The shrub are able to spend at least 3 weeks in the new habitant before the winter starts and they are moving chances of the successful transplantation. Early fall is the best time, if you have plans for shipping the tree from one area to the other, especially when shipped in the colder regions. In case the transfer is from the colder to the warmer region then one needs to wait till the early spring which will enable the plant to spend much time with the soil before the winter hits.

Summer: never, transplant any evergreen trees in the middle of the summer. Normally shrubs are found to be blooming in this season and it is likely to be losing the immense water and moreover, weather will be immensely hot. By this heavy shock, tree also dies.

Now that you are aware of the suitability of the different season, you need to also focus on the different precautions as well. At the first place tree-removing is a responsible job. Make sure that you have not damaged the much of its root system. Moreover, you need to have completed with the landscape services for the tree transplanting in the target place.