Use Landscapes Rocks to Beautify Your Garden

Landscapes rocks are popular because of their beauty and the designs available in various sizes, shapes, colors and ranges. Many people opt for them for their ability to retain and conserve water as well as provide that special and exotic look to the garden. They can be of only one color or a combination of colors, which give an elegant and contrasting design. Based on their usage and function; different types are used to obtain the desired look and finish.

Types found in Melbourne:

  • River rock: They are smooth and multi-toned, obtained naturally in river beds and are ideal for projects where you want to create a replica of river or a water body and are used to create artistic designs and in outlining gravel paths. They are available in size ranging from 1 to 8 inches.
  • Lava rocks: They are available in colors from bright brick red to grey and black and are usually porous and lightweight. There are some advantages in using lava rocks such as they are used as pond liners to improve quick plant establishment and have the ability to subdue plant growth. Hence, they can be used to stop weed growth in decorative gardens and areas used for porches and decks. They are generally used to cover accent walkways and gardens and in contrasting designs to give a striking color and attractive outlook.
  • Pea gravel: They are available in wide varieties from smooth to jagged shapes and in various sizes. When using them for playgrounds, it is advisable to go for smooth ones instead of jagged ones to prevent injury and discomfort. Also they can be a substitute for garden mulch and help in passing of water to the plant roots easily without forming any impermeable layer.
  • Sonoma gold: As the name suggests, these come in gold or ginger color. Hence, they are widely used in designing gardens where the design theme is of a dusty desert because of their light color and are very good in giving a desert-like look. They are used mostly in designs where you don’t require many plants or vegetation in your garden.
  • Crushed limestone: One of the main advantages in using these stones is that they are good in packing so they are used especially in driveways, parking areas, walkways, and pathways consisting of stepping stones or blocks, because they secure the stepping stones in place and prevent them from coming in between the surrounding.